Harry Allen Fawcett


About Harry Allen Fawcett

Harry Allen Fawcett, hailing from New Jersey, is a multi-talented individual excelling as a playwright, actor, author, and teacher. Immense achievements and intriguing experiences have marked his captivating journey in the arts and education world. Throughout his illustrious career, he has collaborated with diverse actors, taken center stage in remarkable productions, and even crafted some of his original works.

Like many entertainment industry individuals, Harry Allen Fawcett dedicated time to pursuing his education. He successfully graduated from The American University. Subsequently, while working towards his master’s degree in American History, Allen took on an instructor role at the same university.

Recently, Harry Allen Fawcett has redirected his attention to his writing endeavors. As a skilled playwright, he has crafted a series of celebrated plays, including “Madam of the Atom” and “Ona Judge: A Spiritual Awakening.” The latter piece was recognized as one of the eight finalists in the New York Music Festival 2020. Despite this renewed focus on writing, it’s worth noting that Harry Allen Fawcett’s acting career remains very much active. He has recently made appearances in several notable shows, including “House of Cards,” “Mare of Easttown,” “FBI: Most Wanted,” and “Succession.”

Harry Allen Fawcett immersed himself in the world of summer stock musicals at the tender age of sixteen. This early leap opened up numerous acting opportunities for him. Subsequently, Allen’s career flourished, and he featured in thirty-five national commercials and participated in several Broadway musicals, with “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” being one of his most renowned roles. Yet, his accomplishments don’t end there. He also appeared in two soap operas, “The Edge of Night” and “General Hospital,” securing a recurring role in the latter. Additionally, Allen showcased his talent in two CBS made-for-TV movies.

However, one of his most notable achievements was his involvement in “Puttin’ on the Hits,” a 1984 show produced by Dick Clark and MCA. Allen played a crucial role in the show, contributing as a writer and host for its entire four-year run, spanning one hundred and thirty-four episodes.

In 1986, Harry Allen Fawcett made a deliberate shift in his career, stepping away from the on-screen spotlight. Nevertheless, he remained deeply rooted in the creative realm. While collaborating with the Actors’ Equity Association (Kid Biz), Allen co-wrote “Kid Biz: How to Help Your Child Succeed In Show Business” by Warner Books. The book, co-authored with Nancy Carson, gained significant recognition and appreciation for its responsible approach to the subject.

In 1991, Harry Allen Fawcett caught the attention of a consortium of networks, including Amblin Entertainment, Universal Studios, and Fox Network, who brought him on board as an on-set acting coach. Working diligently behind the scenes, Allen lent his expertise to several of their series. As time passed, this experience inspired him to establish his own sound stage in Studio City, where he dedicated himself to producing high-quality reels for aspiring actors.

During this period, one of his notable achievements was the creation of a half-hour pilot titled “Office Hours.” Additionally, he had the privilege of providing creative services to none other than Steven Spielberg, serving as a comedy consultant and dialogue coach for the show “Harry and the Hendersons.”

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